Thursday, July 15, 2010

Barbie Dream House

Growing up I was one of the many girls that owned a Barbie Dream house. I would spend hours rearranging furniture, placing different stickers on the plastic walls and driving Barbie around in her pink corvette.
That was the great thing about Barbie, there were no boundaries. This was a place where budget was no option and dreams were only limited by the imagination.
Even though the days of the Barbie dream house have long passed, a new dream house has come into my life, my apartment.
I know the lat time I wrote about my apartment, I was starting to get the essentials together--furniture dishes, FOOD! Well I"m happy to report that I now have a bed to sleep on and ramen noodles in the cabinets.
It's amazing what living by oneself can do to a person. I know it may sound silly but I really feel like I"m coming into my own--- if that makes sense. I have developed a shabby-chic kind of style and it covers my entire apartment. I'm learning different tips and tricks when it comes to grocery shopping and I've even become a coupon clipper to save every nickle and dime possible.
But despite my efforts to embrace my adulthood, I can admit that I miss those days of the Barbie Dream house. Sometimes when I come home from work I can still imagine walking through the doors of my house back in Iron Mountain. Everyday after school, I always did the same thing. My brother would trample off to his room to catch up on some reading or play with his N64. I would pour me a Coke and warm up a hot dog (no bun) and sit down in the living room to watch Full House.
Both of our parents worked so we always had thirty minutes to ourselves before our mom got home. It's no secret that we loved the freedom-- even if it was just thirty minutes.
Funny how that works. The second I am given complete and total freedom of my life, Iwant my old routine back. I'm beginning to realize that no matter what it is, the grass will always be greener.
Even though my apartment is not filled with plastic furniture,neon frames and a pink corvette in the parking lot, I still love it. Clipping coupons and returning coke cans isn't a bad way to save money ( I would like to think of my self as thrifty ) And I still warm up a hot dog, no bun, when I get home. Just like the old days. . .

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  1. My sister and I used to do the same thing after school. My parents both worked as well so we would watch our favorite shows while pretending we were doing our homework. I love your blog, it's beautiful and you're such a great writer! Can't wait to follow you in the future =)