Sunday, May 16, 2010

A writer's inspiration

Now that I am finally done with school I can take some time to sit back and write. Even though I took several writing classes through-out the fall semester, I wasn't writing what I wanted to write. Assignments would include stories about a fire that took place on Washington street, or write a personal profile on ourselves. Even though they are good exercises and yes, I did learn a thing or to. . . it wasn't -- relaxing?
There was that constand fear of not meeting the standards or not doing my personal best.

Last year a professor told me that every good writer should write 300 words a day, of just nonsense. She said that it helps prevent writers block and helps clear a writer's head. I'm all for improving my skills so I went out and bought a journal. Even though 300 words is not that much it's not easy getting that so called "Nonsense" out of my head. Nevertheless I will continue writing and see where it gets me.

The freedom of summer has also caused me to read even more than I do during the winter. I have found that I am cranking out about one book every other week. So any suggestions of good reads out there let me know :)
Until next time

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